It’s a cricket

My grandson,West, thinks my “Xochipilli” mug is a cricket. At 2 1/2 years old, he’s already thinking creatively. My design for this image was inspired by the Aztec god of dance, IMG_4125. It is interesting that the Hopi’s have a deity “Kokopelli”, the god of fertility, child birth, and agriculture. Coincidence?

According to Patheos “Kokopelli has been connected to various other gods over the years, most notably to gods of the Mayans and the Aztecs. The theory that Kokopelli is related to the Aztec god Xochipilli (sometimes spelled Xochopilli) has been popular since the 1960′s, and is one of the reasons that Kokopelli sometimes has his name spelled Xochopelli.
The biggest problem with the theory is that the Aztecs didn’t exist as a distinct civilization until 1250, and pictures of Kokopelli date to at least 700 CE. The two gods are both agriculture and fertility deities, but Xochipilli carries a whole list of attributes that never show up in the Kokopelli petroglyphs.”

What ever is going through his mind, I’m glad I can help to inspire West’s inspiration.

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